Secure furniture for storage of personal effects

DROP & CO offers storage solutions made in France and recyclable, designed for places receiving the public. Deposit your belongings in automated and secure systems.

Design 3D du Paradrop

The advantages of PARADROP for users

100% self-service

Our umbrella stands are accessible 24 hours a day. Visitors can retrieve their belongings at any time.


Security of personal effects

Our umbrella stands are equipped with a mechanism that offers optimal security.


Made in France

Our umbrella stands are made in Bordeaux. This means a guarantee of quality, a precious know-how and a better respect of the environment.

The advantages of PARADROP for cultural places

Free-standing furniture

Our umbrella stands have been designed to provide an optimal customer experience.


Ready to operate

Our umbrella stands are delivered turnkey, ready to be used upon receipt.


Innovative design

Our umbrella stands are equipped with a modern and clear display.

They are equipped with a PARADROP